How can you begin to trust God at work?

In our journey of faith, trust plays a crucial role in experiencing God's presence and activity in our lives. This includes our workplaces, where we spend a significant portion of our time. Today, we will explore the importance of trust as a means of encountering God's presence and experiencing His work in our professional lives.

Let's dive into the Scriptures, specifically Proverbs 3:5-6, to gain insight into the significance of trust. These verses encourage us to place our confidence in the Lord with all our hearts, avoiding reliance solely on our own understanding. By acknowledging God in all our ways, including our work, He promises to make our paths straight and grant us success.

God desires us to be bold and confident, trusting Him wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, we often limit our trust in God to spiritual matters alone, neglecting to recognise His involvement in our vocations and professions. This misconception stems from the tendency to associate trust with the belief in someone's competence or expertise. For instance, we may have confidence in a lawyer's abilities to win court cases but lack trust in their knowledge of medicine or surgery.

Similarly, we often compartmentalise God's involvement, viewing Him as relevant only to spiritual aspects of life. Our education systems and societal norms may reinforce this perspective, leading us to believe that God has little to offer in the realm of our professions and work. However, this limited perception fails to acknowledge that God is the Creator of all things, encompassing both the spiritual and natural domains.

Colossians 2:3 reminds us that in Christ, all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden. This includes our vocational and professional knowledge. Exodus 31:3-4 highlights how God endowed individuals with His Spirit, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and skills for specific professions. God's involvement is not limited to preaching or teaching but extends to artistic designs, craftsmanship, and various other fields.

Isaiah 28:26, 29 further emphasizes God's role as a wonderful teacher, imparting wisdom to farmers. This demonstrates that God's guidance and insight extend to every sphere of life, including agriculture and other professions. Just as Solomon's wisdom covered a multitude of areas, we should embrace the understanding that God's wisdom is not confined to specific fields.

Looking at historical figures like George Washington Carver, who explored the uses of peanuts, we witness the impact of seeking God's wisdom in our professions. By trusting God and seeking His insight, we can go beyond conventional knowledge and receive divine guidance that surpasses our colleagues' understanding.

In conclusion, trust plays a pivotal role in experiencing God's presence and activity in all aspects of our lives, including our workplaces. As we place our confidence in Him and acknowledge His involvement in our vocations and professions, God promises to guide and direct our paths. Let us break free from the limitations of compartmentalized thinking and embrace the truth that God is the God of all wisdom and knowledge. By trusting Him with all our hearts, we open ourselves to His transformative work in our professional lives.

Trust in God and watch as He leads you on a remarkable journey in your work and beyond. To see more content like this blog, check out our Monday Morning Meditations video by clicking here