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The Nova Round Tables

These events are spaces dedicated to learning and dialogue, whether it's in the form of a thought leader giving a lecture or a discussion among peers. It's where professionals within a particular vocation can gather with like minded colleagues to discuss how faith can be reintegrated within their respective fields, how biblical wisdom can be applied to their vocation to bring innovation and insight to transform both policy and practice.

Church & Spiritual Leaders Lunch

A quarterly meeting with pastors of the city for lunch to dream and discuss what it means for their members to live out the new humanity in their workplaces and how to empower them to do it. Please fill out our contact form for more information.

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Spiritual Retreat

In an atmosphere of rest, reflection and rejuvenation from the work week, we train believers in practical spiritual disciplines which gives them to ability to experience the Lord and draw on His grace more deeply when they are in the workplace.